This page is being used as a 101 English class assignment. The assignment is to choose a discourse community that I am not very familiar with and write a profile on it. I will be talking about a discourse community here at University of Wisconsin-Stout called the Niche Boutique which is located on the 2nd floor in Heritage Hall. To write the profile I had to go and write about it such as what it has inside of it, who shopped and worked there, what the hours are, etc. The profile will also include background information such as when and how the boutique got started. The audience for this profile are University of Wisconsin-Stout students who may not know anything about it. After they read this profile they will see that there is a boutique not too far from where they live. Other boutiques here in Menomonie are located in downtown Menomonie which is a farther distance than The Niche is. Since most college students don’t have cars they don’t want to walk far in the cold weather. The Niche has merchandise for everyone here at Stout from stout apparel and snacks for guys to dresses and makeup for girls.

About Me!

My name is Sydney Pittman I am originally from Houston, Texas but, I moved up to Shakopee, Minnesota when I was 10 years old. During High School I played varsity in both dance and lacrosse. Ever since I was about 2 years old I have always wanted to dance and that’s what I did as I was growing up. After graduating high school my family and I moved to Burnsville, MN which is about 20 minutes away from Shakopee. I have 2 older brothers, Ryan, is 24 and Connor is 20. Connor goes to Montana State University and Ryan is attending Metro State. I am a sophomore at University of Wisconsin-Stout. I am majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Human Resource Management. I am in the Dance Ensemble club here on campus and I have been since my freshman year and I love it.  After I graduate I would like to receive a job in the Human Resource field either in employee relations or benefits. Next year I will be a junior and I plan to travel abroad in London with my best friend during the spring semester. We are both excited to sight see and learn about the European culture. I am excited to see what my future has in store for me.